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Do you blog? Journal? Write in your spare time? Are you interested in pursuing communications at any level in parallel with your professional training? We need you!

something-blog-aboutBiomedical Odyssey: Adventures from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is a newsfeed dedicated to showcasing the accomplishments of the students, postdocs, residents and fellows here at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

A true testament to the talents of our writers, the Biomedical Odyssey blog has won three national awards since its launch in 2015: an Association of American Medical Colleges Group on Institutional Advancement Award for excellence in the integrated advancement category, a Silver Aster Award for excellence in medical marketing and a Bronze Digital Health Award.

Thousands of people read the blog each month and they could be reading your story.

Applications are now being accepted. If you’re interested, please send your application to the Biomedical Odyssey editorial team by Wednesday, August 23rd. You can also contact the Biomedical Odyssey editorial team about opportunities for guest blogging. 

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