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Biomedical Odyssey

Life at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Biomedical Odyssey Home Honor Roll

Honor Roll

A photo of Barbara McClintock collaged next to a photo of Lisa Learman.

With the Corn, Against the Grain

Lisa Learman, a Ph.D. candidate in cellular and molecular medicine, is among the winners of The Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation 2020 essay contest. Read her award-winning essay about scientist Barbara McClintock, whose approach to science inspired Learman to “embrace complexity and diverse perspectives in science to arrive at a more complete truth.”

A close-up on India on a plexiglass globe.

Winning the Fulbright During COVID-19

In the middle of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, history of medicine Ph.D. candidate Anna Weerasinghe won a Fulbright award for 2020–21. Her story highlights the privileged yet precarious nature of receiving a grant in a pandemic world.