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Biomedical Odyssey

Life at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

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Kristin Brig

Kristin Victoria Brig is a history of medicine doctoral student with a love for baking, playing the piano, and cross-stitching. Her work examines public health in the nineteenth-century British Empire with a focus on infectious disease control. Smallpox is her favorite historical disease, but typhoid fever and cholera also intrigue her.

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Winning the Fulbright During COVID-19

In the middle of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, history of medicine Ph.D. candidate Anna Weerasinghe won a Fulbright award for 2020–21. Her story highlights the privileged yet precarious nature of receiving a grant in a pandemic world.

Rosanna Dent, assistant professor of history at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, presents her work on the history of anthropology to a captivated academic audience in the history of medicine department’s seminar room.

The Value of Weekly Seminars

Despite their divided administrations, the Johns Hopkins history of medicine and history of science and technology departments intersect weekly in their colloquium series, enabling a cross-campus fertilization of the school of medicine and the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.

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Quarantine Reading Recommendations

Tired of watching TV but don’t know what to read? Graduate students at the Johns Hopkins Department of the History of Medicine recommend some great titles on the history of public health and infectious disease to get your reading list started.