Meet the Authors

Benjamin Bell studies sleep and circadian rhythms in mice and flies, and is fortunate the mice understand his semi-nocturnal work schedule. When not actively in the lab, you can find him thinking about research and science-writing on his motorcycle, on the hiking trails, or at any local concert venue.

Kyla Britson is a Ph.D. candidate in cellular and molecular medicine. She has been playing violin since she was 10. She was in her college’s campus orchestra, and since moving to Baltimore she has been part of the Hunt Valley Symphony. She says playing the violin has always been her artistic break from science.

Roshan Chikarmane is a passionate cancer researcher who also has interests in running, finance and reading. His role model is Sidney Farber, the “father of modern chemotherapy.”

Rebecca DiBaise is an M.D., M.P.H. student planning to become a neurologist. A few of her favorite things include Camden Yards, her pets Dale (a rabbit) and Oliver (a cat), lakes, and family time in Boston. Some of her least favorite things include cooking for herself, humidity and doing her hair.

Joelle Dorskind is a Ph.D. candidate in the Cellular and Molecular Medicine program at Johns Hopkins. When she isn't in lab running experiments, she enjoys reading, playing soccer, running and traveling.

Rachel Evans is a Ph.D. student who uses baking to relieve stress, which causes her to bake quite a bit in grad school. She’s currently working her way through a book on French baking! So far she has mastered the “tarte tatin.”

Emily Fray is a third-year Ph.D. student in the Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology Graduate Program. She is passionate about reading and writing about science, learning about infectious diseases, consuming large quantities of caffeine, and studying her personal role model, Louis Pasteur. She hopes to someday combine her loves of English and science to work as an editor for a major journal or textbook company.

By day, you can find Yazmin Rovira Gonzalez in the lab, where she peers into the inner workings of muscle cells to make discoveries that may someday help treat metabolic disorders. On the weekends, she's out exploring and photographing the mountain trails with her trusty sidekick, Bailey the hiking wiener dog.

Pranjal Bodh Gupta is a second-year medical student who arrived at Johns Hopkins from Vanderbilt University where, over the course of four years, he danced in numerous cultural showcases. Throughout these shows, he learned various routines, including a Japanese fisherman dance (“Soran Bushi”), Indian Bollywood dance, Korean pop, Japanese drumming dance (taiko) and Indian Bhangra. As a side hobby, Pranjal made short films and majored in chemical engineering. His latest adventure includes learning medicine and trying to gain social media fame.

Emily Han moved here last year from Australia. She studies neuroscience and enjoys writing in both English and Chinese. Cooking pork ribs is her newfound passion.

After college, Talia Henkle became an English professor at a university for low-income students in Bogota, Colombia, for a year. She’s now pursuing a Ph.D. in immunology.

Natalie Joe is a Ph.D. candidate in cellular and molecular medicine. She shares, “I’ve sat in a plane with a stranger strapped to my back and my feet dangling 12,500 feet about the Florida coast. But, fear struck me when he said, ‘When you’re ready...,’ and then I leaned forward. We plummeted toward the coastline at 200 mph until he opened the parachute.”

Lisa Nicole Learman is a Ph.D. candidate in cellular and molecular medicine. She is passionate about public understanding of science, music and dystopian fiction.

Laura Livaditis is a 3rd year pediatrics resident at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. When she's not at the hospital, she enjoys practicing yoga, supporting Baltimore sports teams, traveling with her surgery resident significant other, and spending time with her big fat Greek family.

Jin-Yih Low is a cancer biologist with strong interest in medical communication. He has lived on three different continents during the past six years!

Benjamin Ostrander is an M.D./M.S.E. student who strives to keep life infinitely interesting through creativity with words, food, music, medicine and more.

David Ottenheimer is a Ph.D. candidate in neuroscience. One of his favorite family traditions is spelunking in the caves of West Virginia (see selfie). He explains, “My grandfather was an avid caver, and he got my whole family hooked. During the trek, we take a moment to turn off all our lights and appreciate the total darkness.”

Marla Scott is a 3rd year gynecology & obstetrics resident who, when not in the hospital or running to catch a flight at BWI, can be found sweating it out in a yoga or spin class. She enjoys checking out the Baltimore food and drink scene with her co-residents.