Meet the Authors

Rama Alhariri moved from Dubai to Baltimore after a listlessly virtual period, and was determined to integrate dynamically and adventurously into a new environment amid high academic demands. One of Rama’s most spontaneous activities in Baltimore has been a Tough Mudder race.

Akshaya Annapragada is a third year M.D./Ph.D. student who has lived in five U.S. states (California, Ohio, Texas, Massachusetts, and Maryland). She is passionate about health literacy, the intersections between mathematics and medicine, and exploring Baltimore’s excellent food scene.

Riley Bannon's non-scientific passions include peanut butter, theology, sports, and harboring useless pop culture facts in her brain. If you have questions about crunchy versus smooth, Catholic social teaching, the Patriots, or any past or current Bachelor contestant, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Nakul Bhardwaj  is a native Ohioan out to investigate the fundamentals that shape our metabolism, the risk factors that lead to particular metabolic-related disorders, and treatments that can help prevent many such complications. A patient advocate by day and a foodie and soccer enthusiast by night. His clinical interests include preventive care, obesity medicine, and culinary medicine.

Chenggang Chen is a postdoc who likes traveling alone. He went to Pyongyang, North Korea, by train from his home in northeastern China and to Kabul by taxi from Dushanbe, Tajikistan. He even took the world’s longest train journey (5,772 miles) across Russia from Moscow to Vladivostok.

Patrick Debs is originally from Beirut and recently moved to Baltimore. His favorite hobbies include reading, pumpkin carving and trying recipes from The New York Times!

Alisha Dziarski is a first year medical student who spent her gap year completing items on her bucket list, with the help of running shoes, a fireworks store, hair shears, a secondhand guitar and some supportive wing-women. She is excited to complete another bucket list item by writing for the Biomedical Odyssey Blog.

Maria Fazal is a second-year M.D. student who loves art, dinosaurs, and trash TV. She recently adopted a kitten named Clyde and is well on her way to becoming a crazy cat lady.

Meher Kalkat is a full-time reality TV consumer, karaoke master and unabashed fiend for cookies and cream ice cream. In her free time, she is also a first-year medical student and connoisseur of all things fuzzy and warm (especially as she faces new Baltimore winters).

Jeong Jun Kim is an expert Korean cook and a novice in-line skater. He can often be found biking to the Homewood campus on a creaky bike or eating Halal food truck takeout on the quad.

An M.D.-Ph.D. candidate in history of medicine, Maya Overby Koretzky enjoys thinking about the past and present of clinical care. When not in the hospital or the archive, Maya loves exploring Baltimore, watching The Bachelor, reading Russian literature and fly-fishing on Baltimore County’s Gunpowder River.

Lisa Nicole Learman is a Ph.D. candidate in cellular and molecular medicine. She is passionate about public understanding of science, music and dystopian fiction.

Isabella Pan is a third-year medical student with an interest in psychiatry and public health. When not binging reality TV shows accompanied by her cat, she enjoys travel, dance and mystery novels.

Born and raised in Southeast Florida, Palak Patel is feeling warmer than ever in her new Baltimore home as she begins medical school. As a theatre lover, world traveler, adventure seeker, Gators fan, and birthday cake ice cream fanatic, she has defined herself by her experiences.

Born in Baltimore at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Margo Peyton feels at home as a medical student in Charm City. She previously worked in story development at DreamWorks Animation. She finds meaning in narrative medicine, disability studies and the history of medicine.

Jacob Roberts is a fourth-year medical student originally from Kansas City, Missouri. He ran track in college and remains an avid runner, continuing to compete in races extending up to ultramarathon distances. In his free time, you can find him hiking, reading or building raised vegetable bed gardens.

Fatemeh Shojaeian studied mathematics in high school, and her goal was to be a computer programmer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. However, she ended up studying medicine to be a surgeon-scientist and to work on the front line of the cancer battlefield. She enjoys being unpredictable.

Emma Spikol is a Ph.D. candidate in the Johns Hopkins neuroscience program. When she’s not in the lab using transparent larval zebrafish to study the brain, she enjoys yoga, hiking and skiing. She subscribes to more than 20 podcasts and listens while cooking and driving, or whenever possible!

Growing up in a small town in China, Hanghang Wang taught herself English at age 11. She came to the U.S. to attend a small liberal arts college. Hanghang obtained a Ph.D. during general surgery residency, so she is the last person in training in her medical school and residency class.