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Biomedical Odyssey Home A Day in the Life Speaking From Experience: Advice For Residents and Fellows

Speaking From Experience: Advice For Residents and Fellows

A group of Dermatology residents walk down the hall together.

Biomedical Odyssey bloggers past and present share their experiences and offer advice to prospective residents and fellows. Here are a few of our favorites:

Applying for Residency: Parts One, Two and Three
A fourth-year medical student offers pro tips and lessons learned during the residency application process.

Advice from a Senior Resident to a New Intern
The intern year in a clinical residency can be overwhelming. A senior resident reflects back to their first day of residency, and what it is like to become a role model for a new class of doctors.

Welcome to Internship! Tips from a Graduating Resident
Every March, thousands of fourth year medical students simultaneously open letters containing the names of their future residency programs. A pediatrics resident nearing the end of her training reflects on things she wishes someone had told her as she prepared to become an intern.

I'm Alive!
A lung cancer patient reminds an M.D., M.P.H. student about the simple beauty of living.

Reflections on Residency from a PGY-3: The Beginning of the End
A senior pediatrics resident reflects on the highs and lows of residency as she enters her final year of training.

Life After Residency: Advice for the Fellowship Interview
After four years of college, four years of medical school, and three or more years of residency, you’ve decided to pursue extra specialized training, to get you a step closer to your life’s dream. Whatever subspecialty you decide on, it helps to approach the interview process fully informed.