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Words of Wisdom from Fellow Students

Welcome to Medical School! Now what? As the school year begins, learners across the School of Medicine have words of wisdom to share with incoming medical students. Some of our favorites are included below.

Digitizing Diagnosis: A New Book by Fourth Year Medical Student Andrew Lea
Fourth-year medical student Margo Peyton sits down with classmate Andrew Lea to discuss his forthcoming book, Digitizing Diagnosis, his path to a Ph.D. in the history of science, and why the historical perspective is important in medical training.

A Day When a Young Medical Student Tried to Feel Like an Expert Surgeon
In reflecting on her time learning clinical skills and thinking outside of the box, Fatemeh Shojaeian describes her experience and what she learned.

Mindful Moments in Medical School
Howard Chang shares thoughts on how mindfulness is all the rage these days and the value of it — both for patient care and our own health and well-being. He discusses adopting the practice of mindfulness meditation and transforming moments of overwhelm into mindful ones.

Seeking Equilibrium
Shruti Anant shares the importance of finding equilibrium – trying to maintain a precarious state of balance – throughout life.

Healthy Workplace Boundaries
What does it mean to practice boundaries in the workplace? Read more to understand what it takes to set and practice healthy workplace boundaries and how it applies to one medical student’s Ph.D. journey.

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