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Biomedical Odyssey

Life at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

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Riley Bannon

My non-scientific passions include peanut butter, theology, sports, and harboring useless pop culture facts in my brain. If you have questions about crunchy versus smooth, Catholic social teaching, the Patriots, or any past or current Bachelor contestant, please do not hesitate to reach out.

A pair of young hands hold a pair of older hands in a gesture of support.

The P-value of People

The prospect of helping patients is what attracted neuroscience graduate student Riley Bannon to the field of research, but this semester brought many humbling reminders that it is all too easy to lose sight of the bigger, human picture in translational research.

Engraving from 1894 showing Galileo Galilei at the Inquisition in 1633.

Facts over Feelings

A recent string of provocative papers blurred the line between the enforcement of academic rigor and the mob mentality of cancel culture. Science is by no means apolitical, but if we want to gain the public’s trust, we have to make it clear that we are pushing the truth, not an agenda.