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Biomedical Odyssey Home A Day in the Life Knits from the Heart of Baltimore

Knits from the Heart of Baltimore

The author and her cat enjoy Baltimore views while wearing matching knit apparel.

Whether it’s an act of protest or a way to keep anxious hands busy, knitting is the perfect winter hobby for my fellow homebodies. It’s portable, cheap and easy to pick up, and you can knit almost everywhere you go, from research seminars to baseball games to the bus ride home every day.

You can knit patterns generated by neural networks, you can knit with your cat or for your cat, and you can ponder the physical and mathematical properties of knitting at a physics conference near you.

Here’s some inspiration for knitting your city, your science and your school spirit!

Knit Your City: Baltimore Edition

New to Baltimore or long-time resident? Rep Charm City with these unique knits.

Old Bay Cat Sweater Knitting Pattern

If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, try your hand at making your own custom knitting patterns. When I discovered a curious lack of Old Bay cat sweater knitting patterns, I designed this matching hat and sweater set so that Matilda and I can celebrate Maryland’s most beloved spice all winter long.

Once you’ve found the perfect pattern, try knitting in your favorite Baltimore coffee shop or park — there’s even a collection of knitting patterns inspired by green spaces in Baltimore City!

Knit Your Science

From genetics to ecology, try out these patterns to show off your love for all things science.

Physics & Mathematics Knitting Patterns

Biology & Chemistry Knitting Patterns

Knit Your School Spirit

If you’re headed to a March for Science event, knit a DNA hat in blue and yellow to show your Johns Hopkins pride!

You can also buy yarn that’s dyed blue and yellow to turn any knitting pattern into a Hopkins-themed work of art.

Spin, Dye and Knit Local

For advanced knitters, try something new by learning to spin or dye yarn. The Neighborhood Fiber Co offers dye workshops and retreats for beginners and experts alike.

Visit the annual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival to see how yarn is made and purchase local products. You can also buy local yarn at the Baltimore Farmers Market & Bazaar.

Ready to start knitting? Check out these Baltimore knitting resources to take a class, buy some yarn and meet local knitters. If you’re lucky, you might even meet “the Sweater Guy” Sam Barsky, the Baltimore local famous for posing next to landmarks wearing his unique handknitted sweaters.

Knitting Events in Baltimore

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