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Biomedical Odyssey

Life at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Biomedical Odyssey Home Howard Chang

Howard Chang

Howard Chang spent all his life in Southern California before coming to Baltimore for medical school, where he is now a second-year M.D. student. When not lost in reflection, he enjoys watching and playing basketball, drinking bubble tea, and writing long emails.

A group of doctors in a hurry down the hospital hallway for emergency.

Transitioning to the Wards

A student at the school of medicine reflects on his experience in a course that prepares students to transition from their preclinical education to caring for patients in the hospital as a member of the health care team.

Howard walks alone on a path through a forest.

Walking Through This Pandemic

This pandemic has uprooted nearly every aspect of our lives, including our exercise routines and regimens. For one medical student, walking has become an enjoyable and important way to stay active during these challenging times.

A ship sails on a stormy sea, as seagulls circle above.

Ten Anchors for Med24

As a welcome gift to the incoming first year medical school class at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, second year students offer 10 essential principles, or “anchors,” to steady their new peers as they navigate the exciting adventure ahead.