Multidrug Resistance

Smarter Antimalarial Use: Altering Drug Duration to Improve Efficacy

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Fighting malaria is getting harder, with rising rates of drug resistance and drug tolerance making it more difficult for doctors to effectively cure patients. Drug resistance is distinct from drug tolerance, in that a resistant microbe can survive even high doses of a particular drug, while tolerant microbes are able to replicate in the drug’s(...)


Graduate Student Finds a Harmonious Work-Life Balance with Music

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Establishing a healthy work-life balance is hard, and ironically, finding ways to squeeze in de-stressing hobbies can be extremely stressful. Over the years, John Froehlig, a graduate student in the Program in Molecular Biophysics, has perfected the art of making progress on his thesis without sacrificing his other passion: music. Froehlig joined Johns Hopkins in(...)