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Shannen Cravens is a Ph.D. student in molecular biophysics with a passion for teaching who enjoys weaving art into her lab life.

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BCI Internships: A Johns Hopkins Resource for Stepping Away from the Bench

Most students come to graduate school planning to become a professor. For some, that plan withstands the test of time, but for others, it loses its appeal and the search begins for other opportunities. Those who successfully transition away from bench science all have one thing in common: They broaden their resumes. At Johns Hopkins,(...)


Johns Hopkins Scientists Uncover Link Between Inflammation and Autoimmune Disorders

The human innate immune system is one of our body’s broadest defense mechanisms against infection. One familiar innate immune response we’ve all experienced is inflammation, which is a complex biological process that relies on signaling between cells stimulated by invading pathogens. A detailed mechanism of the inflammatory response has been missing until recently, when a(...)


Neuroscience Graduate Student Awarded Axol Science Scholarship

Jonathan Grima, a third-year neuroscience graduate student and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow working in the labs of Jeffrey Rothstein and Solomon Snyder, was recently named the winner of an international scholarship competition hosted by the human cell culture company Axol. The scholarship application was a test of effective science communication skills. Applicants were(...)


Graduate Student Finds a Harmonious Work-Life Balance with Music

Establishing a healthy work-life balance is hard, and ironically, finding ways to squeeze in de-stressing hobbies can be extremely stressful. Over the years, John Froehlig, a graduate student in the Program in Molecular Biophysics, has perfected the art of making progress on his thesis without sacrificing his other passion: music. Froehlig joined Johns Hopkins in(...)