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Student Perspectives: All About Grad School

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Curious about graduate school? Below are recent posts from our students sharing advice, accomplishments and the latest goings-on in the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine graduate programs.

The Future of Biomedical Education: A Conversation with Dr. Ziegelstein
A Ph.D. candidate sits down with Dr. Ziegelstein, vice dean for education at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, to discuss what elements he sees as vital to education at all levels of training at Johns Hopkins.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Laboratory
Deciding which lab to join is a momentous decision. Finding a lab that fits the bill perfectly — one that matches your research interests, preferred mentoring style, lab environment, publications record and funding — can be tricky, but not impossible.

Honoring the Past Year of Johns Hopkins Trainee Accomplishments
The Graduate Student Association and Biomedical Scholars Association both host awards nights dedicated to highlighting achievements within the Johns Hopkins student body. Taking the pressure away from graduation and emphasizing mindfulness during the Ph.D. process can instill motivation to get through that next experiment or read those articles, while reminding students that they are part of a community at Johns Hopkins.

Revolutionizing with R3: A New Ph.D. Program Seeks to Train Scientists as Critical Thinkers
Educators at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health assert that memorization alone does not a scientist make — above all, students must be critical, creative thinkers who are honest and responsible with data. In order to train scientists as critical thinkers, the R3 Graduate Science Initiative was recently created in the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, led by director Gundula Bosch, Ph.D.

Quick Tips for Applying to Graduate School
Four useful tips for anyone starting the graduate school application process, from someone who’s been there and done that.

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