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Benjamin Ostrander is a third-year medical student who strives to keep life infinitely interesting through creativity with words, food, music, medicine and more.

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Colombian Medical Graduates Learn Through Service

As medical students across America graduated this past May, receiving the prized M.D. they worked so hard to obtain, many have their minds squarely focused on one thing — intern year. Some students have only a few weeks off until what is often considered the most exhausting, overwhelming and infamous year in all of medical(...)


Novel Study Tools Redefine How We Learn

Medical knowledge grows like a metastatic cancer, rapidly expanding every day, uninhibited as new literature is published, novel discoveries are made and evidence is refined. As this magnificent body of knowledge grows, so too does the magnitude of foundational material that medical students are required to master. Nowhere is this more evident than with First(...)


The Life Lottery

One in 292.2 million — those were the odds of winning the recent $1.5 billion Powerball, the largest lottery jackpot ever. As it happens, a few months ago, the medical student class of 2018 was learning about obstetrics, gynecology and reproduction as part of the Genes to Society curriculum, which gave me a newfound appreciation(...)


Destiny in an Envelope: An Inside Look at Match Day at Johns Hopkins

Match Day on Social MediaThe buzzing crowd in the Anne and Mike Armstrong Medical Education Building atrium counted down in anxious unison as the seconds made their way closer toward noon, rapidly approaching one of the most thrilling moments in medical school. Moments that shape a life trajectory are few and far between. Yet every(...)