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Ryan Lang is a physician and writer with a passion for the underserved and a desire to bring the medical issues of this population to light.

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Home Visits: An Essential Part of Medical Care

One of the most memorable experiences of my medical training was my first home visit. I was a medical student participating in a primary care elective with a physician in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to gaining experience in the clinic setting, I was expected to make a visit to a clinic patient in his/her home.(...)


Advice from a Senior Resident to a New Intern

This month, I became a senior resident in internal medicine. With that title comes the opportunity to help train new interns at our hospital. And when I met the talented group of interns just before their start last month, I couldn’t help but think back to my first day of residency. Two years earlier —(...)


Church Attendance Could Lower HIV Rates in High-Risk Women

A potential tool to combat the HIV epidemic in Baltimore is gaining attention, and it may involve an unlikely location — the church. Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the University of Memphis School of Public Health have identified church attendance as a possible way to encourage communication about sexual(...)


Levi Watkins Lecture Series to Feature Prominent Minorities in Science

Marc Edwards, Ph.D., has a vision for an innovative kind of lecture series at Johns Hopkins. The postdoctoral research fellow is interested in featuring prominent minority biomedical scientists and clinician-researchers from across the nation in a new program that he calls the Levi Watkins Seminar Series. “When I first came to Hopkins, I felt isolated,”(...)


The Elephant in the Clinic Room: Health Literacy

As our appointment came to an end, I took a few minutes to give final instructions to my patient. Though she had many medical issues, she had unfortunately been absent from my clinic for almost six months, making this appointment particularly important and valuable. I observed as she leaned in and struggled to understand the(...)


Life of Young Physician and Rising ‘Star’ Celebrated at Memorial

In January, a week prior to the holiday celebrating the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., the Johns Hopkins community gathered to celebrate the life of Idoreyin P. Montague, an accomplished second-year combined internal medicine and pediatrics resident physician. Montague, who was 30 years old, was killed in a car accident on Dec. 24. Hundreds(...)