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Sarah Laskey used to spend most of her incubation time in lab reading blogs, but now she also spends some of that time writing here.

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Dissertation and Defense: The Victory Lap

I used to daydream about my thesis presentation. I would be sitting at someone else’s defense, listening as they dazzled the room with science they understood better than anyone else in the world — science they had discovered themselves. And at the end, they would launch into this involved series of acknowledgments, almost as many(...)


Baltimore Friendships Through Baltimore Sports

If you listen closely, you’ll hear the buzz begin sometime in August. With your eyes, you’ll start to see the signs in early September. As the week comes to a close, like clockwork, the office environment becomes unmistakably … monochromatic. You may not notice it at first, but once you start to pay attention, it’s(...)


The Best Bites in Baltimore

Guys, it’s finally happening. I am going to graduate with my Ph.D. This is 99 percent excellent news, and I am 99 percent thrilled. But let’s talk about that other 1 percent. It comes from the abrupt realization that in a few short months, I’m going to move away from Baltimore, probably to the other(...)


Disco Music Saves Lives (and Other Lessons from CPR Training)

I was CPR certified once. I don’t remember anymore why I was trained — I think it may have been a requirement for school? What I do remember is that the whole process was surprisingly complicated. This many chest compressions followed by that many breaths. Check here for a pulse. Make sure airways are clear.(...)


Words and Their Stories: The History and Future of Two Spirit Communities

“Where there’s a word, there’s a story. Where there’s a word, there’s a history. Where there’s a word, there’s an experience. And, most importantly, where there’s a word, there’s a person.” - Harlan Pruden Harlan Pruden identifies himself as a Two Spirit member of the First Nations Cree. In the simplest terms, Pruden explains, “Two Spirit is(...)


Lessons Learned in Graduate School: Be Good to Your Data

Part 3 in a series of posts called “Lessons Learned in Graduate School.”  Read Part 1 | Part 2. If you find yourself unenthused at the thought of topics like data management and correspondence security, you’re not alone. I usually keep these ideas filed away in the category of “probably important but too much trouble(...)


Lessons Learned in Graduate School: Do the Impossible

Part 2 in a series of posts called Lessons Learned in Graduate School. Read Part 1.  When we chose teams in gym class, I was always picked near the end — not because I didn’t have any friends, but because my friends knew I’d still be available in later rounds. I’ve described myself as pathologically(...)


Lessons Learned in Graduate School: Be Skeptical

Part 1 in a series of posts on “Lessons Learned in Graduate School.” Two hours. Four hours. Overnight, if I have the time. I must have asked half a dozen people, and I didn’t get the same answer twice. The question had been: How long do you incubate pelleted virus in fresh media before resuspending(...)