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Bree Yanagisawa is an aspiring scientist who is passionate about the unique opportunity represented in engaging science through the use of mass media sources.

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Cracking the Code: How to Create Intuitive Tools for Visualizing Data

These days, science is ripe with “big data” challenges. From next-generation sequencing to complex structural analysis, experiments that were once considered niche are becoming more commonplace in many laboratory environments. A single sequencing run alone can produce up to terabytes of data, and with this massive increase in information comes an inherent need to also(...)


Columbia Researchers Discover Contagious Cancer in Clams

What comes to mind when you hear the word “contagious”? For most of us, it’s infectious agents, such as viruses and bacteria. However, recent evidence suggests that these agents may not be the only existing contagious elements in our world. In a recent article published in Cell, researchers at Columbia University discussed an investigation of(...)


Hopkins-Engineered HPV Vaccine Wins Big in Recent Business Competitions

This past April, the Johns Hopkins Graduate Consulting Club (JHGCC) held its annual Biotech and Healthcare Case Competition. For the past five years, this event has served as a hands-on experience for students who are interested in pursuing careers outside academic research, including careers in both biotechnology and consulting. This year, 50 teams participated, representing(...)


Speaker Ta-Nehisi Coates Sheds Light on the Issue of Racism at the Inaugural JHU Forum on Race in America

This past week, the first ever “JHU Forum on Race in America” took place with speaker Ta-Nehisi Coates at the forefront. Ta-Nehisi, a prominent writer for The Atlantic, is an active advocate for contemporary issues. Though scheduled months in advance, the talk could not have come at a more appropriate time in Baltimore, with recent(...)


Creating Scientific Interest Through Video Games

Graduate school is a lot of work. While the type of work varied throughout my first three years here, expectations remained high. These expectations are what drives us to do great research and hopefully make significant changes in the lives of patients who need new treatments. But the stressful atmosphere can be overwhelming. Like many(...)


More Colds in the Cold?

While we’ve all heard the tired warning to wear our coats outside so we don’t get sick, it’s fair to wonder how much validity there is to such reasoning. Are we really more likely to catch a cold in colder weather? Lucky for us, scientists at Yale are looking into it. Their recent article1, published(...)