David Wilson is a biomedical engineering Ph.D. student who is passionate about global health and environmental sustainability, among other science-related topics.

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Updated Department of Labor Rules Will Impact Postdoctoral Researcher Salaries This December

The U.S. Department of Labor has issued new rules on overtime wages, raising the yearly salary limit for which overtime pay must be provided to $47,476. This executive branch decision may have broad implications for academia among other industries as postdoctoral researchers were specifically identified as being affected by this ruling. Postdoctoral researchers typically perform(...)


Success Follows When Biomedical Engineering and Immunology Collaborate

Kaitlyn Sadtler, a freshly minted Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins’ Cell and Molecular Medicine Graduate Program and Jennifer Elisseeff, Ph.D.,  recently had her thesis work published in Science, where she demonstrated the necessity of the adaptive immune system in fostering a pro-healing response following biomaterial implantation to provide scaffolding for cell growth and tissue repair. Extracellular(...)


Scientifically Defining Life

You may expect that defining something as living or dead would be relatively straightforward, yet nearly every scientist you ask for a definition of what constitutes life will give you a different answer, often emphasizing the importance of their area of expertise. Even with widespread disagreement in the details, generally agreed-upon characteristics of life include(...)


Red Meat: The Evolutionary Benefit and the Modern Dilemma

Cooking meat provided a huge evolutionary benefit on the plains of Africa for Homo erectus 1.9 million years ago, allowing humans to become the dominant animal on this planet. And now, as billions of people in developing countries are lifted out of poverty, world meat consumption is rising dramatically. In the last half-century, consumption rose(...)