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Yada Treesukosol is a postdoctoral fellow who focuses on taste signals and feeding behaviors both in the lab and in her real life.

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Research Transitions: From Wet Lab to Big Data

President Obama announced details about the Precision Medicine Initiative in his State of the Union Address in January 2015. The initiative focuses on individual variability in genes, environment and lifestyle as avenues for disease treatments. It provides tools to understand complex mechanisms that underlie conditions and to predict effective treatments. The process requires the gathering(...)


From Academia to Industry: Lessons from a Johns Hopkins Graduate

The majority of postdoctoral appointments are at educational institutions. This includes my postdoctoral fellow position at  Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Approximately 75 percent of doctoral scientists and engineers who have postdoctoral appointments are employed at an educational institute, compared  to only 14 percent in the business/industrial sector, according to data collected from a(...)


A Career in Law for the Academic Scientist

“Now I don’t even consider myself a scientist. I’m a lawyer. But when I started, I was a scientist first.” - Gaby L. Longsworth, Ph.D. Gaby Longsworth earned her Ph.D. in human genetics and molecular biology from The Johns Hopkins University after working in the Department of Cell Biology in Susan Michaelis’ laboratory. Longsworth has(...)


Visualizing the Salivary Gland of a Mosquito

Buzzing. Biting. Itchiness. Mosquitoes can be annoying but can also be a carrier of many diseases, including malaria. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 198 million cases of malaria were estimated to have occurred and 500,000 died of the disease worldwide in 2013. Most of these cases are caused by malaria parasites(...)


Johns Hopkins Postdoc Explains the Bilingual Advantage

If you’ve been interested in learning a second language or already speak more than one language, the concept of “bilingual advantage” may pique your interest. Many would agree that speaking more than one language helps us to more broadly communicate but it may also offer cognitive advantages in executive function (processes such as task flexibility,(...)


The Many Benefits of Yoga

Cow pose. Downward-facing dog. Pigeon pose. Mountain pose. Tree pose. Warrior. If you’ve had any exposure to yoga, some of these phrases will sound familiar. The practice of yoga unifies the mind and body through coordinated breathing (pranayama), movement (asana) and meditation (dhyana), which all sound ideal and beneficial in the hectic rush of our(...)


Encouraging Young Women in STEM Careers

“It really smells.” “Can we take apart the legs?” I was asked these questions by the girls with dissected frogs in front of them. I’ve been helping through a program aimed at engaging girls in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). With colleagues at the Girls Scouts of Central Maryland, I’ve helped girls dissect frogs,(...)