Medical education

Podcasts: A New Approach to Learning

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In 2013, the Serial podcast shook the airwaves as it chronicled a crime in Baltimore. Since then, many have been inspired to use podcasts as an easily accessible learning tool, which has created an excellent means for people to better understand otherwise intimidating subjects. There are many podcasts in science and medicine for those who(...)


Novel Study Tools Redefine How We Learn

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Medical knowledge grows like a metastatic cancer, rapidly expanding every day, uninhibited as new literature is published, novel discoveries are made and evidence is refined. As this magnificent body of knowledge grows, so too does the magnitude of foundational material that medical students are required to master. Nowhere is this more evident than with First(...)


Student Advocates for Sexual and Gender Minorities Healthcare in Curriculum

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This past year, fourth-year medical student Ryan Shields undertook a big project. He sought to build on previous students’ efforts to improve medical education surrounding sexual and gender minorities (SGM), the broader category into which fit lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) topics. After only a year and half, Ryan and his collaborators have already(...)