Red Meat: The Evolutionary Benefit and the Modern Dilemma

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Cooking meat provided a huge evolutionary benefit on the plains of Africa for Homo erectus 1.9 million years ago, allowing humans to become the dominant animal on this planet. And now, as billions of people in developing countries are lifted out of poverty, world meat consumption is rising dramatically. In the last half-century, consumption rose(...)


Share Your Thoughts With the Class of 2016

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Dear faithful followers, We are excited to celebrate Match Day 2016 with the medical students tomorrow. We will be monitoring social media channels and celebrating with everyone matching, including our own blog writer Arielle Medford! If you're there, please feel free to share with us your pictures, thoughts or well wishes for the class of(...)


International Students Offer Unique Perspectives on Graduate School

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The most recent survey from the Council of Graduate Schools found enrollment for international graduate students still on the rise. Data from fall 2015 show an international enrollment of 85,000 students. Of that cohort, 80 percent were from either China or India, with Europe coming in next, supplying 10 percent of applications. Overwhelmingly, these international(...)


Training Future Leaders in Primary Care

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Recently, as I’ve been spending more time in various clinical settings, I’ve noticed a striking lack of patients who can say they have a designated primary care doctor. Evidence has shown that primary care has an incredibly beneficial effect on population health. The work of generalists, such as family medicine physicians, pediatricians and internists, reduces(...)