International Students Offer Unique Perspectives on Graduate School

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The most recent survey from the Council of Graduate Schools found enrollment for international graduate students still on the rise. Data from fall 2015 show an international enrollment of 85,000 students. Of that cohort, 80 percent were from either China or India, with Europe coming in next, supplying 10 percent of applications. Overwhelmingly, these international(...)


Training Future Leaders in Primary Care

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Recently, as I’ve been spending more time in various clinical settings, I’ve noticed a striking lack of patients who can say they have a designated primary care doctor. Evidence has shown that primary care has an incredibly beneficial effect on population health. The work of generalists, such as family medicine physicians, pediatricians and internists, reduces(...)


A Career in Law for the Academic Scientist

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“Now I don’t even consider myself a scientist. I’m a lawyer. But when I started, I was a scientist first.” - Gaby L. Longsworth, Ph.D. Gaby Longsworth earned her Ph.D. in human genetics and molecular biology from The Johns Hopkins University after working in the Department of Cell Biology in Susan Michaelis’ laboratory. Longsworth has(...)